Walmart’s 1 Hour in Stock Guarantee!


If you are looking for the 2013 Walmart Black Friday 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee, check out the post here.

In case you didn’t know this year Walmart is doing Black Friday Sales a little different. One in particular starts at 10 PM tomorrow evening. Walmart is offering 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee on 3 select items: Apple iPad 2, LG Blu-Ray Player, and 32″ Emerson LCD TV.

So what does this mean? Well it means that Walmart will be in stock at least for 1 hour. If any of these 3 items sell out in the first hour you can purchase a guaranteed card to ensure the item will be shipped to that same store for pickup before Christmas. In other words, you will get the item for the same price just a little later but at least before Christmas.

This offer only works on these items listed above. I still suggest being in line at 10 PM to try to grab one. Also be sure to print the Black Friday Walmart Store Map here.

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