Target: Buy 2 Similac Powdered Formulas, Get 1 Ready to Feed Formula Free!

similac deal at Target

If you have a baby and you are using baby formula then you know when a good deal comes around you want to take advantage of it! Target currently has a deal that if you purchase 2 Similac Powdered Formulas you will get a 32 oz. Ready to Feed Formula FREE!

I searched for coupons to use with this deal but I wasn’t very successful. However, if you receive these coupons by mail then you can score an even better deal.

Here is a deal scenario:

Purchase (2) Similac Large-Size Powdered Formulas $22.99 each

Receive 32 oz. Ready to Feed Free ($6.34 value)

Final Price= $39.64 or $19.82 each (after you factor in the free ready to feed formula)

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