Noori Dresses: A Designer Boutique without the Designer Prices.

Disclosure: I was sent a dress from Noori Dresses to review. The opinions and thoughts expressed in this publication are 100% my own.
noori dresses

Dresses simply turn a little girl into a little princess. They add a bit of pizazz and an overall feeling of beauty. Although, I currently do not have a little girl my own I am convinced our next baby will be a girl and so I have started putting together a small girls’ wardrobe for the future. So when I was contacted by Noori Dresses to review one of their dresses, I was super excited to add to my little collection.

About Noori Dresses

Noori Dresses is a designer boutique. As the name states, it’s a designer dress boutique. They have dresses for all girls and include dresses for all occasions. Whether your little girl needs a dress to look her Sunday best or a dress for a wedding you can certainly find it. They also have a smaller collection of formal wear for boys.

These days pricing means everything but so does quality. That is why Noori Dresses strives to bring you both. You will not only find high-quality dresses that can last you through those special days (and then some) but you will also be happy that you can get these dresses without having to break the bank.

My Review

For review, I received the Velvet Flocked Floral Taffeta Dress With Fuchsia Sash (pictured below)

noori dress

My first impression: It’s adorable. Not only is my favorite color pink, but I love the way pink, black, and white go together and this dress has it all. The dress is made of 100% polyester and is a sleek like material except for the black floral design. Polyester is known for it’s durability and when used in fabrics, it helps retain color. To prolong this durability and color retention, the safest option it hand-wash the dress.

The floral design is made of velvet which again is another reason to hand wash. In the past when I have purchased clothing with velvet designs, I have made the mistake of machine washing the items, it just makes the velvet bleed and eventually fall off. Regardless, I love how this design is throughout the entire dress; it gives the dress an elegant touch. (see image below)


The next part of the dress is what ties everything together (literally): the fuchsia sash. This sash is removable which makes customizing your dress easy. The dress contains loops on each side the dress so you can slip the sash through and tie in the back. This helps keep the sash in place during wear.

When you place your order online, you have the color choices of: fuchsia, red, and aqua. If you can’t decide, you can also purchase sashes individually on the site so you always have the color you need on hand.

Depending on the color choice you choose, you will also receive a matching headband (newborn sizes only). As you can see, I received the matching fuchsia headband. The headband is made entirely of the same material as the dress so everything coordinates to the t.


I can only image how cute this dress actually looks on a newborn since I don’t have a little girl myself and I am sure my son would appreciate it if I didn’t try to dress him up. 😉 However, overall I can say this dress is of high-quality and gets the highest adorable ranking from me. I cannot wait to have another baby (hoping for a girl) so I can dress her in this. If I don’t have a girl, this will make a great gift!

This dress in particular is currently priced at $47.50 (normally $95.00). Although, this make be a little on the expensive end of dresses, it is the quality and design that you are paying for. This dress is perfect for a wedding, communion, Easter, or even Sunday Best. With special care you can certainly get your money’s worth out of this dress.

Where to Purchase

Are you interested in purchasing the dress I received? You can head over and shop at Noori Dresses Here. Select items throughout the site are marked up to 80% off + you won’t need to pay any sales tax.

Shipping is free on orders of $99 or more, or you will just pay a $5.99 flat-rate shipping.

You can also follow Noori Dresses on Facebook to keep up with their latest deals and newest styles. You can simply click the ‘Like’ button below to become a fan!

Disclosure: I was sent a dress from Noori Dresses to review. The opinions and thoughts expressed in this publication are 100% my own. No other form of compensation was received.

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