DIY Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Invitations!

For my son’s 3rd birthday he was all about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which is why I threw him a Mickey themed party. Although you can purchase Mickey party supplies I wanted to add my personal touch so I made my own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Invitations!

mickey mouse invite

pin it buttonIf you know me at all then you know that I love to be crafty and make things for parties including the invitations, some decor items, and even the cake. I wanted to share with you all this cute little project that I did for his party invites.

Not only could you make these invitations for a birthday party but you could even make them for a fun Disney themed adult party or a baby shower.

What you will need:

  • Red Cardstock
  • Black Cardstock
  • White Cardstock (to print invites on)
  • White Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Clear Envelopes (found these at Michaels)
  • Mickey Mouse Character Stickers (to seal envelops, found these at Dollar Tree)



  1. To get started, simply cut out a Mickey Mouse head silhouette. I used a small plate, and two cups to trace it. After the first one is traced and cut out, you can use this as a template for the others.
  2. Cut out half circles using the red cardstock. Again once,the first one is traced and cut, use it as a template for the others.
  3. Use craft glue to glue just the edges of the red cardstock onto the black Mickey Mouse silhouette. You want to have a pocket to slip your invite into.
  4. Glue white buttons on the front.
  5. Design and Print your invitations. I also printed little RSVP cards that were the size of business cards so the invites weren’t cluttered. I created the templates using Microsoft Publisher and downloaded the the Mickey and Disney fonts from
  6. Slip your invite into the pocket. Then place into the clear envelopes and seal them with the cute stickers.

Since these are in clear envelopes I did not mail them. I like being able to see them but you can use white envelopes so they can be sent via mail.

Note: If you have a silhouette or cricuit machine you can save time and have them cut these out for you in no time.


All in all this craft cost about $10 to make. I made about 20 invitations for his party but I still have a ton of supplies left over to make more. Make sure you utilize those craft store coupons to help keep the cost down.

The finished project:

finished invites

Other Mickey Mouse Party Ideas:


    • Brittanie says

      Hi Katherine,

      I am sorry but I do not currently have the template. My old PC died with the template on it. If I get around to making another I will upload it here. My suggestion would be to make the Mickey silhouette part first then use that to determine the size of the template you need to make.

    • Brittanie says

      I don’t have the exact measurements of the final invitations since that depends on how large you make your template and cut the ears. They did fit into 3.75 in clear envelops from Michaels. The template I used for the white circle invitation is 2.95 x 2.84 inches. Hope that helps!

  1. Grace says

    Hi! Where were you able to find matching white buttons? Everywhere I have searched, the just have a pack of different sized and designed buttons

    • Brittanie says

      Grace, I just found a pack of white buttons at Walmart and then found matches within that pack. Once pack was around $1.62 and gave me enough to make about 20 invitations. Hope that helps!

    • Brittanie says

      Sally I bought the cardstock paper at Michaels. If it’s not on sale you can find a 40% off coupon on their coupon to help you save on it. :)

  2. Laura says

    These are just adorable invitations. I love the wording you put on there, too cute. They would be perfect for my sons 3rd birthday coming up next month. I am wondering if you could give me info on the measurements of the card and font size you used. Thank you

  3. Arlette says

    I like the wording you used and i was wondering if you could type it all out for me :) Also can you please email me the template you used for word?.. Thanks i loved this invitations!

    • Brittanie says

      Hi Arlette,

      I am so glad you like these. I can email you the template but it will be blank. The font does not stay unless you have it downloaded to your computer. If you’d like I can make the invitations for you for a small fee. Please email me at and I can send you what you need :)

  4. Diana Salazar says

    Omg, This A Cute Idea (: My Son Party On The 23rf Of This Month & I Want To Do Invitations Like This, Can You Email Me The Wording Or You Write It For me & Send It To Me?(:

  5. Hannah says

    These are the cutest invitations! Can you tell me how big these invitations are when they are finished? I would love to create these for my son’s 1st birthday, but I cannot seem to find square envelopes that are big enough. Thank you!

    • Brittanie says

      Hi Hannah I am so glad you like these! The final size when they are finished depends on the size you make the black mickey silhouette (the ears part). I made these big enough to fit clear cello bags found at Michaels. They came in a pack of 50 for around $6. I don’t have the package anymore to tell you exactly the dimensions but I remember it was the size down from the largest. I then just sealed the bags with Mickey stickers that I found at Dollar Tree. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  6. Melissa Cross says

    I was just wondering how much is your fee for for putting the wording on the PDF file and approximately how long does it take to get the file back?

  7. Marquita says

    Hi! I LOVE this idea! I am going to attempt it this weekend! I would like to order the formatting and wording!

  8. Amber says

    I was wondering if the light wheight cardstock was durable enough to where the invitations were not flimsy?

    • Brittanie says

      Amber, I used 50 lb. cardstock and it worked fine. The cards weren’t flimsy at all. Once you get the red cardstock on it, it makes the entire invitation a lot more durable! Let me know if you have any more questions :)

  9. jessica says

    I like the wording you used and was wondering if you could type it all out for me, without your personal information o course :) Also can you please email me the template you used for word?
    Thanks so much!

    • Brittanie says

      Hi Heather,

      Yes I do. I have the template saved on my computer. I actually had to create my own and place with it quite a bit to get it to work the right way. If you’d like I can put the wording you want on it and send it to you in a PDF file. Just send me a quick email if you want me to do that for you.

  10. Brandi Bevins says

    I love these!!! They are perfect for my twin’s party in July. I was wondering if you could help me as well with the white circles & wording/font! I’m starting to make the invitations this week! Thanks for all your craftiness & help!!!


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